Only high-quality paintworks will look decent and last long!

Our professionals provide full or partial paintworks for your vehicle.

Mostly quality of paintwork depends on preparations, use of contemporary technologies, necessary materials and professional equipment.

All type of services on a daily basis, such as car painting, new or repaired spare parts for your vehicle in specially constructed drying cabin according to legal standards.

During car painting we are happy to offer you a car replacement.

Almost all vehicle damages after an accident or corrosion could be fixed!

It is quite often necessary to rebuild the shape of the body.

Trust professionals and rest assured all processes performed technologically well, using the right tools and skills.
Therefore, the durability of such repair is guaranteed!

Some parts are replaced with new ones, other parts of the body need to be straightened, pulled out, cut and welded.

Since we value your time we can buy and deliver needed parts.

Even the most expensive car will lose its gloss with time and it has to be polished form time to time to keep its flawless appearance. Polishing will help get rid of little scratches and return color saturation.
Additionally we recommend using protective coating (the are several options). This will protect the paintwork in your daily usage.

We work with all insurance companies operating in Estonia today.

In case of a traffic accident, document your case on paper, forms can be downloaded here, contact us by phone +372 56 060 567 or contact our office on Männiku tee 114. We will evaluate the repair work, send all documents to the insurance company and repair it as soon as possible.

To file your case you need to have following items with you:

• car
• technical certificate
• driver's license
• traffic accident report (or other incident papers)

If necessary, we can help you tow your car to us, and at the time of the repair we are happy offer you a car replacement.

Restore a car you’re interested in with us!

Be it a collectible car or old and unattractive - it doesn’t matter to us. We remove all glass and details from the body, and sandblast all affected parts.
Parts destroyed by corrosion are removed, and the lost metal is carefully restored and insulated with special anti-corrosion compounds.

We prepare everything, paint, assemble and it’s as good as new!

We create an individual style for your car appearance.

Make it more exclusive by using pearlescent coating, three-layer paint, double lines, various inscriptions or airbrushing.

While your car is in the process of repair, you can use our car for free *.
We value your time!

* Free car is provided when repair cost equals or is more than 300 euros.
When repair is done for a smaller amount, the cost of the service is 19 euro / day.

Repairs Estimates

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